From midnight on Thursday 26 March 2020 the RSA Government will implement a nationwide lockdown on movement in an effort to slow the spread of Coronavirus infections.

Amberfield Management and Professional nursing staff had already taken steps to restrict access to the Care Centre and to upgrade cleaning and disinfection procedures.

As of Monday 23 March, further steps were implemented and Care Centre was closed to all but a few regular local persons visiting their spouses.

As of today, 25 March, the Care Centre is placed under an isolation regime and only qualified medical personnel are permitted entry from outside of Amberfield without the explicit permission and knowledge of the Sister on duty.

During the 21 day lockdown, all services in Care Centre will continue to operate. Extraordinary steps have been taken to ensure that staff are able to continue working. Nursing, Caring, Cleaning and Catering continue without interruption in as far as things are under Amberfield control.

At time of writing, 25 March 2020, there are ZERO confirmed or suspected cases of Coronavirus infection at the Care Centre.

Our staff are doing everything they can to prevent infection spreading to the Care Centre. All recommendations and directives from the RSA Department of Health as well as the World Health Organization, are being followed and put into practice.

Please visit this page for status updates, further information regarding the Management of Care Centre during the Lockdown and progress reports regarding the pandemic and how we are managing the health and safety of our very vulnerable residents.

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